We provide affordable
monitoring solutions to various
industries like Butchers, Bars, Restaurants, Pharmacies , Cold Storage and Poultry Farms

Our cloud based IOT (Internet Of Things) solution allows you to monitor various
systems remotely, making it possible to access your information from any device,
anywhere in the world.

Because it communicates using the Sigfox network,
there is no SIM card and air time management
required on your side.

Our solution is simple to install to save on installation costs. All our sensors are plug-and-play
and can easily be installed by yourself using cable-ties, pop rivets double sided tape or screws

Our Sensors

Our Battery powered sensors make use of the Sigfox Network
Sigfox is a global IOT(Internet Of Things) network infrastructure provider that is affordable and reliable .
This means that our sensors operate without using your sites power or internet connectivity
Temperature Sensor

Our Temperature loggers have an external temperature sensor, which logs the temperature every 15 minutes and transmits the readings to the cloud

Temperature & Humidity

Our Temperature and humidity loggers have an external temperature & Humidity sensor, which logs the temperature and Humidity

Door Contact

Monitoring the status of your doors, gates, and windows by using our magnetic door contact. 

Power Meter

Our Power meter is designed to monitor power status and provide alerts on Power failures.

Easy and simple Dashboard

Our sensors are displayed on a nice and easy to see dashboard that will highlight any problem areas 

Easy and simple

We log and store all readings to our cloud servers to display the data on a user-friendly dashboard. You have access to your data from any device, anywhere in the world.


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